You do not always have wanted you to want. At times you will want to use something but find that you do not have it. What will you do in such a situation? One thing many people are not aware of is that there are many things you can do for yourself with items around you. It just requires a little twist of your brain and makes use of items you thought as trash. This article will give you some life hacks that will totally amaze and excite you.

Five easy life hacks

How to stop noise from a leaky faucet

A leaky faucet won’t let you sleep. The noise is so irritating. The big question is, how can you stop the noise? Here is the simple answer, take a thread, tie one end of the thread on the leaking tap and leave the other end hanging on the faucet. For it to work, the thread must go down from under the leaking tap and not from above. How does this work, water will run down the thread hence no more noise? This is just a solution to let you sleep; you must call a plumber the next day for fixing.

Squashy dustbin bags

It obvious for the dustbin to become smelly because of food leftover juices. This is the worst smell ever. What do you do to do away with that awful smell? Have you old newspapers in the house, right? Well, put one of those at the bottom of your dustbin. It absorbs all the juice hence no foul smell.

My sprinkler is not working!

This a problem facing almost all families. There are always issues with the sprinkler. Never worry because you can make yours. Get a Pepsi bottle and a duct pipe. Put a pipe in the bottle. Using the load of duct pipes, make it air tight by wrapping it around the pipe and bottleneck. Open the tap and fill the bottle with water. Once it is full, make holes on the bottle using a sharp tool. That way, you will have made own sprinkler.

Long road trip?

Are you bored on a long road trip? You can watch a movie. Put your phone in a zip bag. Mount the bag on the seat in front. Tapes can be used to stick the bag properly. Make a hole in the bag and watch a song, movie or whatever excites you.